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cantrip >> USB C to TRS-A MIDI Adapter << cantrip

cantrip >> USB C to TRS-A MIDI Adapter << cantrip

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NOTE: cantrip is NOT a USB host. It is a USB device and requires a Mac, PC, or other host device to function.

Cantrip is a simple device providing easy, two way communication to and from USB C hosts to TRS-A MIDI devices. It is powered via USB C and shows up as a MIDI device named "cantrip".

Tested on MacOS, Windows, iOS and monome Norns. iOS works directly from USB C to USB C on the newer iPads and via the regular or powered CCK (USB camera connection kit) on a lightning connector iPad or iPhone.

Want to add TRS-A MIDI to a Monome norns? Plug the cantrip in via a USB A to C cable and you are good to go!

Want to control a Wingie MKii from your Mac/PC/iOS device? Now you can!

If you are needing to use the cantrip with a TRS-B device, you will need an adapter cable.

Cantrip has flashy lights for both MIDI IN and OUT.

Keep an eye on what you are doing.

The cantrip has a clear or white translucent case that allows the activity lights to glow through. The white is much more subdued.

Dazzling entertainment.

The LED colors listed below signify the corresponding activity:

Green = transport

Orange = CC

Blue = note

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