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Phantasmal Force >> micro MIDI controller

Phantasmal Force >> micro MIDI controller

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Phantasmal Force is a 16 button, 1 knob, micro (reeeaaally small) MIDI controller that sends messages via USB C and TRS-A. It can be completely customized from the device itself (no external editor required). The Phantasmal Force is a MIDI device ... not a MIDI host, so MIDI over USB will only work when connected to a MIDI host (such as a Mac, PC, iPad).


If you have any questions about what the Phantasmal Force can do, please reach out to me, or read the very detailed manual linked below.

Want to send 16 different CC messages with random values? Fine.

Want to send different chords with the top eight buttons and single notes with the bottom eight? Okay!

Need a little DAW controller to throw in your bag that send PLAY/STOP and some Program Change messages? Why not?

The ->CLICKY<- tactile buttons are NOT velocity sensitive, but can be configured to send random values between specific ranges. For example you can send a MIDI note randomized between a velocity of 70-90 to give the notes a more human feel. Or maybe send some random CC values to your synth's filter and then reach up and turn the knob to dial it back to a specific value.


  • 16 programmable, clicky, tactile switches
  • 1 programmable knob (functions based on the last button pressed)
  • OLED display
  • Note, Chord, CC, Transport, Program Change via MIDI
  • MIDI out over USB C and TRS-A
  • 26 save slots
  • Configurable default settings
  • RGB LED status indicator
  • A complete, printed Users Manual


The Phantasmal Force includes a printed manual. Not a "quick start" guide. Every feature explained. You can read the whole thing (linked below) to see if the Phantasmal Force does what you need it to do.


Button Modes are set for each button individually. Available Button Modes include:

  • CC momentary (with hold/release values)
  • CC toggle (with a/b values)
  • NOTE (with min/max adjustable velocity randomization)
  • Chord (adjustable three note chord sent on button press)
  • Play (MIDI transport play)
  • Stop (MIDI transport stop)
  • Program Change up
  • Program Change down
  • Program Change (specific #)
  • Octave up (transposes Phantasmal Force notes/chords up one octave)
  • Octave down (transposes Phantasmal Force notes/chords down one octave)


The knob is a potentiometer with hard stops in each direction (not an endless encoder). It can be set to control various parameters based on the button mode of the last button pressed. Knob modes are listed below with their corresponding Button Modes.

Button Mode Available Knob Modes
CC Momentary CC value or CC number
CC Toggle CC value or CC number
Note note or velocity
Chord chord transposition or velocity
Program Change queue up next Program Change


  • Phantasmal Force
  • Printed User Manual
  • USB C to USB A or USB C to USB C cable
  • Optional knob extension
  • Optional rubber feet


If you would like to order a custom variety of 4x4 grid button colors, please write your selection in the "order special instructions" field of the checkout cart. 

Available colors are: white, gray, black, clue, red, green, yellow

Please copy this format in:
Select: (color)
top row: (color)
upper-middle: (color)
lower-middle: (color)
bottom row: (color)

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