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Prismatic Spray >> bytebeat adventure synth

Prismatic Spray >> bytebeat adventure synth

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Prismatic Spray is a deeply explorable bytebeat synth that implements many novel features. It includes a multitude of physical controls, mesmerizing visuals and full MIDI implementation. Highlights include but are not limited to:

A Full User's Manual


Yup. You won't just get a link to a github repository and some hex. Prismatic Spray comes with a multi-page instruction manual to guide you in your explorations (it is approximately 8.5" x 5.5" if you are searching for frames). This manual is written in the tongue of old and should be incomprehensible to anyone not familiar with first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Chromatic Tuning

Prismatic Spray is tuned to a western 12 tone chromatic scale. You can play it like any other synth. No horsing around with cycles and Hertz. Prismatic Spray is adjustable through about 6 octaves from the dark blue knob on the front panel. The full range of MIDI notes is available when using MIDI via USB or TRS-A.


Prismatic Spray can be set to loop over any region of a bytebeat equation. The start and end points are adjustable after the loop has been set. At the tightest settings, Prismatic Spray becomes almost granular sounding. Irritatingly granular.


Prismatic Spray can display a visual representation of the current bytebeat audio output in real time on the 1.5" color display. Alterations to the bytebeat equation using the knobs will effect the patterns and colors of the visualization. There is also a regular menu with actual useful data to look at if you hate cool graphics.

Analog Filter

Are things sounding too wonderful? Can't take any more bristling fizzles? Prismatic Spray has an analog filter to roll out as much high end as you'd like. Like pretty much all of it.

40 Bytebeat equations

Prismatic Spray has 40 bytebeat equations to explore. Each equation has three variable to adjust (along with pitch, time skip and a kind of 'time stretch-ish' effect). You can get lost. I heard a voice talking in there once. It was saying "YaaaaYaaaaYaaaaYaaaa".

Over 30 presets

Okay ... that's not a lot to brag about, but the non-volatile memory inside the Prismatic Spray is limited. You get ~30 preset slots for saving your favorite crusty, ear splitting zapazoids.

A Case

Yay! You don't have to worry about shorting anything out, snapping the PCB in half or breaking off a protruding component! Prismatic Spray comes fully enclosed in a 3D printed case (available in various colors). The glowing innards of the Prismatic Spray are clearly visible (mostly with the clear case) while the unit is in operation.

Prismatic Spray has the following controls:


  • dark blue = pitch
  • light blue = % (slows down most bytebeat equations without changing the pitch ... timestretch-ish?).
  • green = <<>> (a speed multiplier. increments +/- 1-8)
  • yellow = bytbeat variation A
  • orange = bytebeat variation B
  • red = bytebeat variation C
  • pink = preset select
  • purple = analog filter cutoff frequency
  • gray = volume +/- (the output can be cut or boosted. lower settings are good for line level output. higher settings are good for headphones),


  • yellow = reset the bytebeat time to 0
  • blue = switch display mode (hold for shift)
  • white = change to the next bytebeat equation
  • black = change to the previous bytebeat equation
  • green = load a preset
  • red = save a preset

(additional functions can be accessed by holding the yellow button. these are described in the MANUAL).


  • Prismatic Spray
  • printed instruction manual
  • USB A to micro USB power/data cable (random color chosen by the bag of holding).
  • 4x rubber feet
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